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25 02, 2017

Vietnam War Summary: Jeff Daley – Vietnam Combat Veteran

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Vietnam War Summary Vietnam War Summary - Those that have followed our blog know that I deviate from our market news from time to time and speak to a topic that I am passionate about - The Vietnam War. One of my battle buddies sent me the video that follows that represents a summary of [...]

12 11, 2016

Vietnam War Saigon: Tân Sơn Nhất Airport Arrival – Jeff Daley

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Jeff Daley - Circa 2015 Vietnam War Saigon - Immediately after I was told we had orders for Vietnam we went to medical for a bevy of shots, then packed and waited for orders.  Jeff Daley is pictured on the right  >>> Vietnam War Saigon After leaving Germany we were flown to Saigon [...]

18 03, 2016

Vietnam War: Battle of Plei Me 1965

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Battle of Plei Me Battle of Plei Me: The Plei Me camp was established by the United States Army Special Forces (SF) 25 miles south of Pleiku city and less than 20 miles from the Cambodia border in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Plei Me was one of many Special Forces camps scattered [...]

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